Introduction .

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, M.H. Enterprises L.L.C. is a well-known brand and has led FMCG distribution for over 46+ years. With our exceptional team, we handle, store, and distribute food, non-food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products in our temperature-controlled facilities spanning across 540,000+ square feet of storage area. We supervise processes that have over 18,000+ SKUs and 245+ delivery vehicles.

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Warehousing .

M.H. Enterprises L.L.C. takes great pride in its ultramodern warehouse facilities, boasting diverse storage temperature ranges tailored to meet the specific requirements of our products. Engineered for exceptional flexibility, our warehouses feature uniquely designed high-rise racking systems capable of accommodating any volume, whether for selective or bulk storage.

Our elaborate warehouse facilities provide a comprehensive range of storage, picking, and packing alternatives, supported by sophisticated material handling equipment and software to seamlessly meet the operational requirements of our principals. To further enhance our capabilities, we have integrated automated bulk storage, allowing us to scale operations and effectively respond to customer demand amidst the current volatile macroeconomic conditions.

Key features of our exceptionally advanced warehousing facilities include sizable marshaling space and multi-level storage facilities. We ensure scalability in storage operations to address variations in demand through bulk operations and a high-density automatic storage and retrieval facility. Our specially designed warehouse adheres to strict requirements for the storage and handling of Food, Non-Food, Chemical, and Pharma products.

For optimal storage conditions, we employ IoT-based continuous temperature and humidity monitoring systems, supported by modern equipment that facilitates highly effective storage and retrieval processes. The deployment of sophisticated materials-handling equipment is tailored to the specific needs of each product, ensuring safety, quality, and expedited storage and retrieval.

In our commitment to continuous improvement, we integrate Lean and Six-Sigma principles into our internal processes. Our operations are KPI-driven, promoting optimum accountability, early error identification, and performance tracking. The implementation of a Wi-Fi enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS) utilizing Handheld Devices (HHD) streamlines inbound, transfers, and outbound operations.

Security is a top priority, with 24/7 surveillance and CCTV monitoring of both the warehouse and loading areas. Demonstrating our dedication to sustainability, our facilities are equipped with solar power systems to reduce energy demand from the grid. At M.H. Enterprises, our connected and advanced warehousing facilities are geared towards meeting the evolving needs of our clients while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Distribution .

Essential to our distribution operations, our highly proficient fleet comes in a various sizes and configurations, so as to transport a variety of goods ( food, nonfood, chemical or pharma) to region of UAE. We deliver products in a timely manner by utilizing our wide selection of temperature-controlled vehicles that are GPS enabled within under the supervision of experts. To ensure economical delivery, we use advanced concepts in route planning and space optimization.

Our ‘Control Tower’,  we monitor our delivery vehicles ‘24×7’ to ensure timely and error-free delivery of goods. Our multi skilled quick response team ensures that the delivery team gets a swift response while on field with the help of latest technology.

Our motto is Right Time in the Right Condition and in the Right Quantity.

Our Technology


Efficient Mobility-Driven Business Operations .

Seamless mobility for optimized operations: ERP management, efficient delivery, instant transactions, and digitized processes.

Exclusive ERP system for end-to-end Operations, Controls, and Financial Management.

GPS-enabled fleet with fuel tracking for efficient utilization.

System-assisted route planning for faster and fuel-efficient deliveries.

Mobility-based system for instant transactions at customer sites

Mobility-based operations for instant market insights and faster order processing.

Mobility-driven last-mile delivery for operational visibility and control.

Constant focus on process automation for monitoring, control, and optimization